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Our origins date back to about 15 years ago when a group of friends from different areas of the province of Cuneo, united by their passion for the world of air-cooled Volkswagens, began to gather under the name of Aircooled Farigliano.

After a few years spent organizing events mainly intended for fans of lower Piedmont and surrounding areas, given the increasingly encouraging results, we decided to give life to something more, united under the name of Reckless Aircooled.

The name of the club was not chosen randomly, but to represent exactly what the spirit is that has always united the members of the management: the desire to party wildly and enjoy the common passion for all air-cooled Volkswagens.

Hence the idea of organizing something special was born , and we began to do what by now all of Italy (and part of Europe) knows us

for: The Reckless Aircooled Meetings.

Years went by and as sometimes happens, some members of the original management left the club to to persue other interests,  but what never changed is our passion.

And for this reason, with a partially revised management, we decided to give life to a real recognized Club: the Reckless Aircooled Club, the high point of a journey that lasted years and full of difficulties but above all of satisfactions.


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To date, the Club boasts of a diverse management that geographically covers the whole of Piedmont and several generations by age, allowing us to have a more widespread relationship with our friends/members. This has allowed us to significantly broaden our horizons and made us push to where we had never arrived.

In fact, we boast of members from all regions of Italy, who trust us after years of faithful attendance or even just out of sympathy.

As a recognized Club, we offer all Volkswagen owners,  with vehicles produced from the 1940s to the 1990s the possibility to join at a competitive cost and offering a series of useful services for fans of the brand. For example, we have agreements with insurance companies for historic vehicles for policies at subsidized prices and dedicated discounts at our partner workshops and spare parts dealers.

Our goal is therefore to entertain a diverse audience in a healthy and carefree way, ranging from families with children to party-going bad boys, but also to be a national point of reference for all vintage Volkswagen enthusiasts.


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